Warranty Conditions

General warranty terms and conditions for the business-to-business market
The warranty provided by us does in all instances only regard the, at our discretion, free repair of the defect and shall never extend further than the warranty provided for the product by the relevant manufacturer or supplier. Reliance on the warranty by the buyer is only possible if and after the latter has complied with its payment obligations to us. We are never held to provide warranty if the contended defects are the result of normal wear and tear and/or incorrect use, treatment, maintenance or assembly of the delivered good. The warranty obligation also expires if defects occur after changes or repairs that have been made by or on behalf of the buyer without our written consent. (see article 12, general terms and conditions)

For the warranty terms and conditions for the private market, go to www.buva-online.nl

Attention: these warranty terms and conditions are exclusively applicable to our business customers. As a user / resident who did not personally purchase the products, you must contact the party from whom you purchased or let the residence or the relevant provider of the warranty.

Hinges & locks
  • All BUVA hinges and locks: 2 years or warranty terms and conditions concluded separately on a project basis
Ventilation grids
  • All ventilation grids 10 years, with the exception of the potentially available electromechanical components and the reflective fabric of the SunStream:
  • Reflective fabric SunStream: 5 years
  • Electromechanical components: 2 years
Toughened glass
  • All windows with the exception of the assembled hinges and locks: 10 years
  • During the 10 years the following phase-out scheme applies
  • During the:
  • First 5 years 100%
  • 6th year 90%
  • 7th year 80%
  • 8th year 70%
  • 9th year 60%
  • 10th year 50%
  • The available assembled hinges and locks (see above) 2 years
  • Aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastic profiles 10 years
Mechanical ventilation
  • SmartValve, all components 5 years, with the exception of electrical components (2 years)
  • BoxStream, all components 5 years, with the exception of electrical components (2 years)
  • SmartStream, all components 5 years, with the exception of electrical components (2 years)
  • Q-Stream, all components 5 years, with the exception of electrical components (2 years)
  • FlexStream, 2 years, provided that:
  • all components were purchased from BUVA
  • all components were installed by a recognised installer
  • all components were installed in conformity with the processing rules
Additional warranty terms and conditions are applicable to the BUVA EcoHeat combi-boiler.

  • All components 6 months
Start date
The warrant takes effect on the day of the first delivery of an immovable property in which our products were installed, however never later than 3 months after delivery of the products.

Complaints must be sent to BUVA rationele bouwprodukten B.V. by letter, facsimile or email with a clear indication of the complaint and the order number and/or the invoice number with which the products were delivered. Only then can you claim free repair within the warranty terms and conditions.

The warranty is exclusively valid when all applied products per element (window / door) were delivered by BUVA and each and every product was installed, used and maintained correctly according to the processing rules.
The building and/or façade elements in, on or to which the BUVA products must be processed must, in relation to the area of application, comply with any and all applicable standards and the BRL.
The warranty is related to the proper functioning and/or the technical functioning.
If you want to rely on free repair within the warranty terms and conditions then you must submit the purchase invoice of the product.

Warranty after repair
A repair or a new delivery of a product is warranted for the duration of the remaining warranty period.

If outside the warranty
A quotation is always provided for products that do not fall within the scope of the warranty from € 100.00, excluding VAT. If you decide not to proceed with repair then we are held to charge an amount of € 25.00, excluding VAT, on account of inspection costs. Repairs under € 100.00, excluding VAT, are carried out automatically. If a product is wrongly presented and a complaint is not observed then we are held to charge € 25.00, excluding VAT, on account of inspection costs.

The excess amounts to: € 50.00 net product value per project / residence.
Reference date 2010, indexation: every year the amount of the excess is adjusted to the change of the CBS (Statistics Netherlands) index figure for household consumption.

In the following situations the warranty cannot be relied on.

  • The penetration of or damage due to building waste.
  • The injection of products or components of products with agents other than appropriate for that purpose.
  • Use of aggressive liquids or solvents.
  • Damage due to paint (e.g. painting of lock front panels and partitions).
  • Defects as a result of incorrect or abnormal use, treatment or incorrect assembly of the products or not placing them according to the processing rules and/or guidelines.
  • Damage as a result of drilling through or damaging the products.
  • Damage or malfunctioning as a result of filiform corrosion, failing or incorrect disposal of building waste, paint, cement and/or cement residue.
  • Damage to the lacquer or anodisation layer.
  • Damage as a result of temporary or permanent influence of the environment or due to air pollution.
  • Defects as a result of transport to and storage at the building site.
  • Small inaccuracies in the processing, which do not affect the soundness.
  • Defects or damage as a result of injudicious repair by third parties.
  • In case of use of components other than delivered by us.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures and/or high humidity.
  • Exposure to heavy shocks or high pressure.
  • Erroneous assembly and/or connection.
  • Consequential damages are never included in the warranty terms and conditions.
  • Violence, natural disasters and/or war conditions.
If BUVA is wrongly included in a complaint then we charge our costs.

Barendrecht, The Netherlands

1 January 2013