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EcoStream HRV-unit

The BUVA EcoStream HRV unit is a revolutionary, intelligent and modular balanced ventilation system that employs heat recovery. This HRV unit, designed by BUVA itself, has been specially developed for the Dutch housing market and is therefore unique.

The operation

A HRV unit extracts used indoor air from the home. This is usually done in the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom. In addition to extracting the indoor air, a HRV unit also blows fresh outside air into the home. This is done in a fully energy-efficient way with heat recovery. As air is drawn into and expelled from the house, there is no need for ventilation grilles in the façade. This is referred to as balanced ventilation.

The air in the house is usually warmer than the outside air during the winter period. The HRV unit uses this heat to preheat the freshly supplied outside air. The exchange between warm indoor and cold outdoor air takes place in the heat exchanger. Heat transfer takes place within the exchanger, but the different air cannot mix with each other.

WiFi and Bluetooth

The EcoStream is equipped with a WiFi and Bluetooth module. Thanks to its WiFi functionality, the EcoStream app can be used to control the WTW unit, to remotely provide it with the latest software or to provide information in the event of a malfunction. The Bluetooth function allows the installer to control the EcoStream without a WiFi network.

Easy to install

During the development of the BUVA EcoStream HRV unit, it was important to produce one device. This is suitable for all homes in the Netherlands. This makes the ordering and installation process a lot easier for everyone. The EcoStream is left and right reversible and provides a generous airflow, sufficient for every home.


The EcoStream is a self-contained HRV unit. The built-in sensors determine how the ventilation system works. There is no longer any need for user controls to prevent incorrect use. The sensors continuously measure the air quality, so the EcoStream is able to detect when you shower or cook or when someone has been to the toilet. The ventilation is then temporarily boosted until the quality of the indoor air is optimised again.

In addition, the temperature of the indoor and outdoor air is constantly measured. This allows the EcoStream to choose to deactivate the heat exchanger by means of a bypass valve for extra comfort in summer.

There is not yet documentation available in English. Please contact us for more information.