PVC PreSet has been welcomed with open arms

PVC frames manufacturers and dealers have welcomed BUVA’s PVC PreSet with open arms. They have provided very positive feedback about the quality and completeness of the programme, according to Tom Knijn, BUVA’s lead account manager. “Customers primarily want peace of mind in 2020. The PVC PreSet provides the optimal solution here and has already resulted in many new customers for BUVA. In addition, many existing customers have now extended their ordering programme, making sure they are now assured of one manufacturer, one supplier and a single guarantee party for all their hinges and locks, thresholds, ventilation grilles and toughened glass windows. This has resulted in fewer orders, fewer deliveries, resulting in significant TCO and CO₂ emission reductions. The products in the PVC PreSet are instantly noticeable as a result of their quality, their long service life, the premium appearance and simple installation. The PreSet also complies with all the requirements laid down in the Buildings Decree. The product range is continuously being developed and expanded, whereby we are always looking for the optimum in comfort, sustainability, ease of installation and a long service life.”

New in the BUVA PreSet: the ActiveLock multi-point lock
In addition to the multi-point locks for low, standard and high doors and the recently added revised bell locks, the PreSet has been supplemented with the automatic multi-point ActiveLock, which replaces the current AV3. The multi-point lock stands out because of the further improved lock. A spring system and activation block ensure the lock hooks come out powerfully and clearly, as soon as the door is pushed into the groove. A single 360° turn of the key is then sufficient to lock the door completely. The addition of two round ridges means the door is firmly fixed in the frame from top to bottom. This doesn’t just improve safety, but also results in optimum wind and water tightness. The BUVA ActiveLock has been SKG** certified and can be used for both left and right-handed doors (left and right reversible). The new, automatic multi-point lock is offered in one length, in backset sizes of 35, 40 and 45 mm and can be used for almost all common system houses. The special connectors means BUVA can also offer a solution for higher doors. One extra advantage is the BUVA ActiveLock’s favourable pricing, as this is considerably lower than the AV3. 

In addition to the recently added Kronos KT SKG*** door fittings, a Kronos KT fitting with a tight grip handle has been added to the BUVA PreSet, especially for the ActiveLock multi-point lock. These fittings offer core pulling protection, are SKG*** certified and are available in various different door thicknesses. 

Three new door hinges
Also newly added to the PreSet are the SKG** BUVA Atlas Poly Ultra and BUVA Atlas Poly Classic door hinges for both inward and outward opening doors, with a load capacity of 120 and 160 kg and a wide adjustment range. The door hinges are supplied in white, cream and silver as standard, but are also available in various RAL colours upon request. 

Switch across to the desired window fitting in no time at all
An extensive tilt and turn programme naturally also forms an essential part of BUVA’s PVC PreSet. The ActivePilot programme can easily be expanded from the basic overlay fitting to a concealed fitting. You even have the option of expanding to PADK window fittings with parallel adjustments to the outside by replacing the locking plates. This serves as a guarantee for natural and safe ventilation in all possible weather conditions. The BUVA turn and tilt programme, with minimum stocks, will allow you to select the right fitting in no time at all. 

A suitable IsoStone threshold for any profile combination
The range of BUVA IsoStone® thresholds for the PVC industry is virtually complete. All the new glass fibre-reinforced thresholds are capable of inclusion in a modular construction. This includes various astragals which correspond to the position of the renovation threshold in the frame profile. A strong point is that the thresholds can be equipped with a sealing profile which creates a perfect connection to the frame. In addition to this, the seals for the bottom corners have also been added to the range, for better drainage along the frame stiles. In addition, BUVA has adapted the connection of the doors to the thresholds, resulting in better wind and water tightness. We are currently just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. The option of instantly glazing the threshold has also been fully developed, allowing manufacturers to realise significant savings where time, materials and costs are concerned and making sure they can offer dealers even more advantages for the private market. 

In addition to the above properties, manufacturers and dealers were very enthusiastic about the completeness of the product range, with basic thresholds for inward- and outward-opening doors, heights of 55 and 30 mm, recessed and flat profiles, making sure a suitable solution can be found for any situation. The IsoStone® thresholds are suitable for at least 10 different system houses and are available in black and the new colour Basalt Grey. 

One-stop-shop for the PVC industry
The PreSet products can be ordered from BUVA by telephone, email and digitally, thanks to the various ERP connections. All products can be delivered just-in-time and just-in-place upon request, according to BUVA's LogiTime concept, with BUVA products neatly measured, sorted and unpacked in handy roll containers. This doesn’t just enable customers to make significant savings on their lead times and stock levels, but also allows them to minimise their waste flows.

The PVC PreSet is part of the 'safely sealed windows and doors’ category within the BUVA homecare systems, which also focus on 'sustainably produced heat' and 'healthy indoor air'. In combination with the BUVA homecare systems, BUVA offers a ten-year product and performance guarantee on the complete systems.

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