Market reacts enthusiastically to the new colour thresholds

The BUVA IsoStone® thresholds have been available for PVC frames in two different colours for a long time: black and blue stone. BUVA decided to develop a new colour, as the market is now increasingly asking for a grey opaque colour: Basalt Grey.

The new colour seamlessly fits in with the neutral and optional aluminium profiles, which are available for almost all conceivable system houses. “This has resulted in an extremely attractive and tranquil whole”, various manufacturers, dealers and private individuals have indicated. You may well have already been provided with a sample by our account managers, or perhaps you saw the Basalt Grey threshold samples during a visit to our stand at the Polyclose trade fair in Ghent last January.

The new Basalt Grey colour can now be admired in various different showrooms in the Netherlands. The blue stone colour stocks are running out. Any orders for this colour will now automatically be converted to the new Basalt Grey colour. It goes without saying the ordering party will be informed of this by BUVA.

BUVA would gladly collaborate with any manufacturers and dealers who want to include the new threshold colour in their showrooms. We can certainly also provide sales representatives with trunk samples.

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