Facilitating the timber industry

In the production of wooden door frames, carpenters often first make a U-shape with a top and two sides, which are guided through the paint shop by means of a trolley system. After which the door threshold is installed. During the preservation process, the frame is quite unstable. Dimensional deviations and warping are quite common, for which temporary battens can often be a solution. However, they have to be removed afterwards, which is labour-intensive and can sometimes lead to damage. The new BUVA IsoStone WoodBased threshold solves these problems.

The BUVA IsoStone WoodBased threshold gives carpentry workshops the opportunity to make a square or rectangular frame directly, whereby the bottom rail can be produced in various sizes, recesses and even as a complete cavity cleat, according to the manufacturer's preference. "This frame can then be guided through the paint shop as a complete and stable frame", emphasises Jan Fieten, product manager at BUVA. "After the drying process, the IsoStone WoodBased threshold can easily be mounted against the rail, without the need to remove it. The result is a combined threshold with a high-quality and fully lacquered wooden rail on the inside and a fibreglass reinforced threshold on the outside, which safeguards all the unique properties of the IsoStone threshold. For example, a high insulation value, high durability, extremely low weight, optimal stability, excellent resistance to wear and tear, easy and fast processing and insensitivity to moisture. At a very early stage in the development process, we had the connection between the IsoStone threshold and the wooden rail tested for watertightness by the Stichting Hout Research (SHR) in Wageningen. On the basis of these tests, the threshold will be included in the IsoStone KOMO certificate.”

Rebate sizes
“In developing the BUVA IsoStone WoodBased threshold, we took into account the rebate sizes currently used by the carpentry industry," says Jan Fieten. "Customers can therefore choose from a standard rebate depth of 52, 57 or 67 mm for inward opening doors and/or a glass panel with internal glazing and 67 or 72 mm for the external rebates.”

Pilot phase
BUVA is currently finalising the IsoStone WoodBased. A pilot phase with a number of selected customers will start within the construction industry. After that, the innovative product will also be made available to the rest of the market.


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