From the quotation process through to delivery and invoicing: digital order processing

The construction industry is now increasingly focussing on the automation and digitisation of processes. Not particularly surprising, as this way of working will avoid communication noise in, for example, the design, order placement and the production process. Work can also be completed significantly faster, leaving time for what is really important: increasing the construction speed and quality of our buildings. BUVA is happy to participate with this.

“As an organisation, we are focussing on the further simplification of our communication traffic where our quotations, order processing and invoicing are concerned”, according to Marius van Zanten, BUVA’s Sales Manager. “Not just by promoting online order placements in our webshop, but also by digitally recording and handling customer data, quotation processes, sales and production orders, material data and orders from stock. The advantage of this working method is that data no longer has to be entered twice, so we can work and deliver faster, more efficiently and without failure costs.”

BUVA’s customers can choose from various different ordering options. For example, wholesalers and manufacturers can simply send new orders to BUVA using their ERP software, if they so wish. “Many customers use SALES Standard for this purpose; a message standard for electronic communication between chain parties in the construction and installation sector, which can easily be read and processed in BUVA’s ERP system”, according to Van Zanten. “But it’s also possible to link up via XML or CSV files, as is ordering via our order placement apps. Our customers and their digital capabilities are always our starting point here. That is always greatly appreciated.”

In addition to deliveries from stock, BUVA always works hard at digitising customised orders, whereby various products can be combined and/or assembled upon request. “Customisation requires customisation, also where it concerns the digitisation of processes”, Van Zanten emphasises. “The SALES Standard offers an excellent foundation for this, but you can’t (yet) use it for ordering thresholds. We have developed additional order placement apps for these and other missing orders, which will allow customers to experience the same ease of use.” Orders and invoices can be easily read into the software, which also saves on time and (failure) costs. In addition, digital communication also has a positive effect on delivery times, as waiting times at the office are minimised. “Digitisation will actually also allow you to implement paperless business operations more effectively.”

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