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A securely locked house with a comfortable indoor climate with sustainable heat. That's what BUVA homecare systems stand for. And what the company believes in. "Customers who choose these three pillars receive a ten-year performance and product warranty on our systems. That is a firm promise, but we know that with our products and systems we can deliver on that promise," says Marius van Zanten, sales manager for construction and acquisition of BUVA homecare systems.

Van Zanten emphasises that this guarantee can only be given under certain conditions. "If a customer chooses our total package, i.e. the hinges and locks, sustainable heating and comfortable ventilation - and combines this with a maintenance contract - we offer a 10-year guarantee on both product and performance. You can only keep such a system sustainable if you service it regularly and properly.”

Added value
BUVA sees the performance guarantee in particular as a great added value for customers. "Within all product categories, there are enough competitors who are also bringing their products to the market. Whether it's concerning locks and hinges, a HRV-system or a air/water heat pump. Nowadays, every manufacturer presents a range with great product specifications. This alone does not distinguish us from the market," says Van Zanten.

"But we don't want to try to stand out from the crowd either. We want to add real value by combining our total offerings in smart and efficient systems and then guaranteeing them for a long period of time. In particular, the performance guarantee is unique. That's how we really make a difference," says Van Zanten.

Energy transition 
BUVA does not have to make a great deal of effort to get attention for issues such as a sustainable, healthy and comfortable indoor climate coupled with a low energy bill. Van Zanten: "The discussion about the energy transition has put our industry in the spotlight for some time now. From the outset, we have asked ourselves how we can help property owners, developers and residents with this.”

In addition to developing products to make this energy transition possible, BUVA also invested in total solutions. "They're all interconnected and also affect each other. A house that is not sealed properly does not allow ventilation and heating to pay off optimally, to give just one example.”

These total solutions quickly attracted the attention of housing corporations and real estate owners who, thanks to BUVA's systems, can turn to one party for their homes. "And these major clients in particular are also especially interested in our performance guarantees. They want to be freed from their worries.”

The performance promise is also surprisingly well received by the developers of holiday parks, Van Zanten notes. "We didn't really expect that at first, but of course it's obvious. Even a holiday home must meet the requirements and offer visitors a comfortable stay.”

Advisory role 
However, a building or design must also meet a number of conditions in order to be eligible for the guarantee. "That's why we like to take a look at the design of the plans. For example, matters such as pipework and other engineering components of the plan that can affect the performance of our system," says Van Zanten, who emphasises that this advisory role is highly appreciated by customers.

"They acknowledge that as a specialist we have the knowledge to make e.g. epc-calculations or to look at the required ventilation capacity. If required, we can also make quantity take-offs for the hinges and locks.” In addition to being easy for the customer, it is an important test for BUVA to determine whether the building meets the conditions. "Once again, we don't give a ten-year performance guarantee if a structure fails.”

During the BouwBeurs trade fair in Utrecht at the beginning of February, BUVA homecare systems presented itself mainly as a total supplier of a 'safely secured and sustainably heated home with a comfortable indoor climate'. With an overview of the wide range of ventilation systems, heat pumps, (self-regulating) ventilation grilles and hinges and locks.

In addition to the existing products, there was also room for two innovations. "We are presenting two new thresholds with which we can further refine our product range", says Van Zanten at the stand in Utrecht. "In addition to the ease of living for the residents, these thresholds also offer advantages for the window/door frame industry.”

Hybrid for wood
The first innovation is the hybrid threshold for wooden door frames. Van Zanten: "The frame manufacturer simply provides the door frame with a wooden threshold at the bottom. On completion, our IsoStone threshold is attached to it, which then forms the outside of the frame.”

A major advantage of this, according to Van Zanten, is that the manufacturer no longer has to install a relatively unstable batten in the production line. "This was necessary due to the lack of a permanent threshold, but thanks to this hybrid solution, the frame manufacturer can finish the frame better.”

The second product innovation is also aimed at wooden door frames. "The Dutch Association for the Carpentry Industry (Nederlandse Branchevereniging voor de Timmerindustrie) has further developed the KVT (Quality of wooden façade elements) guidelines into the KVT-plus. These new details led to a better performance of the façade elements. We now introduce our new threshold for these details so that our threshold optimally matches that of the door frames. In this way, together with the manufacturers, we can further improve production and quality.”

Partner in the entire chain 
According to Marius van Zanten, the presentation of BUVA homecare systems at the BouwBeurs is a good reflection of the company's DNA. "We present ourselves as a supplier of total solutions in ventilation, heating and securely closing windows and doors. With an eye for sustainability and the energy transition. In addition, with the innovations shown, we are proving that we are continuing to invest in the further improvement of our offerings. In products, but also in cooperation with various partners in the chain, such as customers and manufacturers.

This means that we are now also available through the building materials trade. For example, our core range of hinges, locks and thresholds are now available from more than 30 PontMeyer branches.”

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