BUVA history through the years

70 years of enterprise as a comprehensive answer to the future in construction

70 years of enterprise as a comprehensive answer to the future in construction

With more than 70 years of enterprise, BUVA is indispensable in the daily lives of occupants in the field of sustainably produced heat, healthy indoor air and safely closed windows and doors.
1946 BUVA was founded in 1946, just after the Second World War, by Messrs Bubberman and Vaarties under the name N.V. IJzerwaren- en Gereedschapshandel (Hardware and Tool Shop) BUVA in a warehouse in the Rodenrijsestraat in Rotterdam.

The name BUVA is derived from the first two letters of the surnames of the founders, Bubberman and Vaarties.

The MAJO stove

Mr. Bubberman was the inventor of the MAJO stove, an emergency stove invented during the war that burned on wood chips.

The name MAJO comes from Marie (his wife) and Johan.


Bubberman and Vaarties started their company making mounting hardware for post-war reconstruction. This created BUVA as a wholesaler for building materials.

In 1951, they became one of the first tenants in the then brand new Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam. Moving into this building was a risk at that time, as the Rotterdam business community predicted that this would be the "merchant's grave" of Rotterdam.

The first 20 years

Initially, BUVA manufactured products such as nuts, bolts and tools. Over the years, these products disappeared and new products were added.

At the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, BUVA experienced some big changes. Mr. J. Bubberman had, in the meantime, passed away and was succeeded by his son, Mr. T. Bubberman.

Since 1965, the BUVA brand name has been registered as a trademark and a product development department has been set up.

Many relocations

In 1971, additional warehouse space was rented on the Weena side. In 1979 there was further expansion to a room on the Conradstraat, where the showroom was set up.

Most of the stock of aluminium profiles was stored and processed by the Firma Lepolder in the Spaanse Polder.

After several relocations and expansions within the Groothandelsgebouw, the company finally outgrew this location. That's why BUVA moved to Barendrecht. In 2000, the production facility/warehouse were relocated, and the office followed in 2001.

BUVA rationele bouwprodukten B.V.

Due to the change in the activities of BUVA, the company name was changed to BUVA rationele bouwprodukten B.V.

After the untimely death of Mr. T. Bubberman in 1981, at the age of 45, the board of directors came into the hands of Mr J.G.H. Eijkenaar and Mr G.A. van Dalen.


The following years saw BUVA quickly develop into a professional organisation with an MT. As a real developer, the first BUVA products came onto the market during this period. From toughened glass to architectural ironmongery and from ventilation products to heating solutions.

The field staff grew steadily during this period and BUVA quickly became the largest domestic player in this segment.

Rien Wisse

Rien Wisse has been CEO of BUVA since 2004.

BUVA grew considerably in these years and that is why it was necessary to take the next step in 2008. An extension of the production facility and warehouse. With an additional 4,000 m², this space now covers more than 10,000 m².

Introduction of the BUVA IsoStone door threshold

Together with Solarcentury, BUVA has installed 2,640 solar panels of 310 Wp each on their roof. This gives BUVA the largest solar panel roof in the region and is a major step towards making the company premises more sustainable.

Introduction of BUVA homecare systems

Under the leadership of Mr. Wisse, BUVA has embarked on a transition from wholesaler to supplier of total systems.

BUVA homecare systems has been created as a trade name with the vision to provide every inhabitant with sustainably produced heat, healthy indoor air and securely locked windows and doors. 

Together with our partners, we play a valuable role in housing, the living environment and society.

More than 70 years of business activity

BUVA homecare systems

With more than 70 years of business activity, BUVA is an indispensable part of the daily life of occupants in the field of:
  • sustainably produced heat,
  • healthy indoor air and
  • securely closed windows and doors.
BUVA homecare systems stand for trouble-free home comfort with the entire construction chain in mind: from occupant to client.
The BUVA homecare systems are a collection of BUVA products that are attuned to each other in such a way that an optimal synergy is created.
This leads to a sustainable, healthy and safe living environment.
The homecare systems are supplied as standard with an associated maintenance contract, which, in addition to a 24/7 available breakdown service, also offers a 10-year product and performance guarantee.
In addition to high-quality products and guarantees, BUVA offers its partners service at every level. By supplying complete modular systems, we are able to provide a worry-free service to our partners and offer added value in the form of advice, guidance, guarantees and service.