Rien Wisse | CEO BUVA

"BUVA homecare systems offers benefits for the whole of Europe"

With 75 years of enterprise, BUVA is indispensable in the daily lives of occupants in the field of sustainably produced heat, healthy indoor air and safely closed windows and doors.

The name BUVA is derived from the first two letters of the surnames of the founders Messrs Bubberman and Vaarties.
The company was founded in 1946 in a warehouse in Rotterdam called “N.V. IJzerwaren- en Gereedschapshandel (Hardware and Tool Shop) BUVA”

Since 1965, the BUVA brand name has been registered as a trademark.

With its own development department, test facility, production and customer oriented logistics, it is possible to respond quickly to the wishes of the market

As a real developer, the first BUVA products came onto the market during this period. From toughened glass to architectural ironmongery and from ventilation products to heating solutions.

We serve the various markets abroad with our international partners.
Jan Fieten | product manager BUVA

Facilitating the timber industry

In the production of wooden door frames, carpenters often first make a U-shape with a top and two sides, which are guided through the paint shop by means of a trolley system. After which the door threshold is installed. During the preservation process, the frame is quite unstable.

Dimensional deviations and warping are quite common, for which temporary battens can often be a solution. However, they have to be removed afterwards, which is labour-intensive and can sometimes lead to damage. The new BUVA IsoStone WoodBased threshold solves these problems.

Mechanical ventilation to prevent health problems

Mrs. Stok says that thanks to the system, their daughter suffers much less from asthma. "That's really nice", Mr. Stok adds, "because now she can sleep peacefully and that saves us a lot of worries.”

"Our ventilation system is fully automatic and you don't have to do anything anymore", Mrs. Stok proudly shows the camera team. "You can manually raise or lower it, but that's not necessary. For example, it measures when the CO2 content in the room is too high. It turns on by itself, even if someone spends a long time in the toilet!" Mrs. Stok says laughing.
Stok family
Marius van Zanten | sales manager BUVA

BUVA advises and innovates

A securely locked house with a comfortable indoor climate with sustainable heat. That's what BUVA homecare systems stand for. And what the company believes in.

"Customers who choose these three pillars receive a ten-year performance and product warranty on our systems. That is a firm promise, but we know that with our products and systems we can deliver on that promise," says Marius van Zanten, sales manager for construction and acquisition of BUVA homecare systems.
A suitable system for every construction project

Being meaningful together in the living environment

The BUVA home-care systems are made up of three systems for both new construction and existing construction. Each system is made up of three layers. Basically, this starts with properly and safely closing windows and doors with high-quality hinges and locks.

Once the heat loss has been minimized, a sustainable heating solution can be looked into. This is possible with an all-electric heat pump or a hybrid variant.

Optimal ventilation is crucial for healthy indoor air. BUVA offers various autonomous ventilation systems that guarantee the quality of the indoor climate on the basis of sensors.

Based on the wishes of the builder and resident, BUVA offers a suitable home care system for every construction project!
Serife Evers | marketing manager BUVA

About BUVA

Due to the unique breadth of knowledge and product, combined with more than 70 years of entrepreneurship, BUVA is relevant in the daily life of the resident in terms of healthy air, sustainable heat and an optimally sealed home.

We develop and produce innovative solutions so that our partners are ahead of trends in the construction industry.

Contact with BUVA

We try to answer your message within 24 hours on workdays. For urgent questions you can contact us by telephone.


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Working at BUVA

BUVA homecare systems is an innovative company that is the market leader in the field of sustainably produced heat, healthy indoor air and securely closed windows and doors. We are customer oriented and put the resident in the center.

We achieve this by continuously investing in our employees. Thanks to our family culture you quickly feel at home and we support you in your developments and career.